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A Grief Course - Life After Loss

Grief is a sacred space. Sacred spaces are times that you feel fully seen and known.

I promise you will walk away more known to yourself and seen by me. 


This series is designed for people who:

⟢Want spiritual practices to on-goingly process and heal the river of grief after a significant loss

⟢Who want 1-1 support and are looking for non-traditional healing modalities

⟢Who are ready to be guided to create their own grief practices and tool box

⟢Are finding it challenging to process grief alone

⟢Are noticing you are feeling more protective, life feels smaller and you are using your numbing vices more than usual


Course Commitment

Learn how to recognize and meet your grief with compassion and curiosity. You'll walk away with a customized grief relief toolbox. 



  • 6 x 60 min 1-1 sessions with Sara

  • 6 Tao Hands Blessings 

  • On-going support by whatsapp or text

Total Time Commitment: 

  • 6 hours of virtual sessions
    (can be done in person if in Denver Metro Area)

  • Approx. 1 hour a week (8 - 10 min a day) of co-created practices.

This series is being offered on a sliding scale from $697- 997.


If you have questions or are ready to book please schedule a discovery call or contact me below. 



⟢ Session 1 ⟣ Meet your grief

Learn to recognize your grief and how to ride the waves.

⟢ Session 2 ⟣ How You Jump Off the Wave

Loving Kindness Meditation as a practice in rough times.

⟢ Session 3 ⟣ Intro to Mediumship

A mediumship reading for you OR learn how to access and interpret signs from your loved ones in the spirit world.

⟢ Session 4 ⟣ Intro to Reading Oracle Cards

You'll buy a deck specifically to practice communicating with the spirit world.


⟢ Session 5 ⟣ Filling Your Grief Tool Box

This session we will fill your grief relief tool box. I will share many tools I have used over the last 7 years of my grief journey.


⟢ Session 6 ⟣ Rituals & Legacy

We will custom design this session based on the nature of your loss and grief. Finally, We will have our own closing ritual to signify the end of our time together. 

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