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"Sara was created to do what she did with me during our session."

"Sara used her singing voice, Tarot cards, energy healing through touch, and psychic insight to deliver me through a right of passage surrounding my fear. Through the healing I recognized that I had been at war with fear and this was limiting me in so very many ways. The peace I have been experiencing in the last three days has abated only when I allow myself to battle with fear again. I have been laughing at myself where I used to dig in and grapple for hours or days to let go. I highly recommend Sara J. Aumann for healing or internal movement of any kind to all my friends. Wow!! Wow! Wow!!!" -Joel P.

"Working with sara is magical - she is clearly tapped in."

"I spent 40 minutes with Sara. We created an intention together, and then she intuitively took me through a really deep and beautiful healing journey. She used cards, her singing voice and energy work. Even though she did all of the work over the phone, I physically felt the energy in my body that was stuck and started moving. After our session, I felt peace and calm about the topics that were previously a source of confusion and anxiety. I highly recommend working with Sara because she will customize the experience to whatever it is you need and she is masterful at that." -Cara M.

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