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About Sara



Sara is committed to people being heard and known. 

In 2015, grief became Sara’s constant companion and teacher. She lost her father, two brothers, grandfather, and a pregnancy in a 16-month window and was sent on a deeply contemplative journey.  While this was a disorienting time in her life, she came out of that experience on a more authentic path through life.  Since then, she has been called to connect people to what matters the most in life through the context of major life transitions.  To fulfill that purpose, she has spent thousands of hours in healing work. All of these experiences have opened her heart, deepened her compassion, and awakened her spiritual gifts. 

Sara’s diverse work background includes personal and professional development, hospitality, global travel, and business ownership.  She has been trained by the best companies in their fields, including Walt Disney Co., Hard Rock International, Vail Resorts, and Landmark Worldwide. In addition to her formal leadership training, a major influence on her coaching and leadership style has over twenty years of experience traveling to fifty-four countries. 

Sara brings an array of intuitive gifts to the table and is trained in channeling, mediumship, end of life doula, yoga, raw vegan cooking, and oracle card reading.  She also has a passion and gift for healing through singing and creating ceremonies and sacred space.

Sara loves to offer readings on your spiritual path, death, grief and preparing for the loss of a loved one.

Ready to connect? Send me a message below or book a free consult.

I am trained by the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) and as an End-of-Life (EOL) Doula in the Colorado End-of-Life Collaborative, I am a vetted end-of-life (EOL) professional, legally practicing in Colorado, and supported by a community of professionals in the EOL field.

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